About Us

"Halal.Taiwan" (a.k.a "Halal.TW") is a project developed by Halal XYZ Taiwan Co., Ltd. This project aims to deliver the best possible system and experience for everyone to explore Halal thingy in Taiwan via mobile apps. You might express any support by sending us email at support@halal.tw

Easy setup

Just search for "Halal.TW" on the App Store or Google Play, then download it for FREE. 😬


The app features offline sync. It means that you can still use the app although there is no Internet connection. 😎

Social connect

Give contribution for community, share your findings and your reviews upon venues, get the rewards later. 😃

Dedicated support

If you need some assistances while using the app, please don't hesitate to contact salam [at] halal.tw. We're hearing. 😉